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Welcome to our Cosmology Group

C-lab members work on cosmology and a wide range of related research areas in astrophysics in a theoretical way. Our final aim is to make the most accurate theoretical model that describes the Universe.

Cosmology consists in studying essential questions such as what the origin of our world is like and how it evolves today, which have attracted us for a long time. In ancient times it was connected to mythology, religions and philosophy, but now it has also become one of the research fields of science owing to great progress in observational techniques. Modern technology enables us to gain numerous amount of data called “Big Data” and we can obtain a picture of the Universe much more precise than ever. C-lab members try to make this accurate picture of the Universe by computing theoretical models and comparing them with the newest observational data. We also propose new observations based on our theoretical predictions. We hope that our research will lead us to a better understanding of the Universe.

What's New

A paper written by a PhD student (D2), Teppei Minoda, et al. was published on Mon. Notices Royal Astron. Soc. (link)

A paper written by a PhD Student (M2), Hayato Fukunaga, et al. was published on J. Cosmol. Astropart. Phys. (link)

A paper written by a PhD student (M2), Katsuya Abe, et al. was published on Phys. Rev. D (link)

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An Assist. Prof. Atsushi Nishizawa has moved to RESCEU (Research Center for the Early Universe) at the University of Tokyo.

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A new Assis. prof. Atsushi Nishizawa and a new postdoc Jean-Baptiste Durrive are added on 'Members'.

Our website has been renewed.

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