Schedule for Workshops, Conferences, Schools, & Visitors for Ta-Lab Members

Ta-Lab weekly schedule
Past Events


03/26-03/30 Circumplanetary Disks and Satellite Formation @Nagoya Castle & Nagoya University, Japan
05/02-05/04 Cosmic Rays: The salt of star formation recipe @Florence, Italy
05/13-05/18 The Early Phase of Star Formation (EPoS 2018) @Ringberg Castle, Germany
05/14-06/22 From prestellar cores to solar nebulae: the Formation and Evolution of Proto-planetary discs @Orsay, France
06/25-06/29 ASTRONUM 2018 @Panama City Beach, Florida
08/21-08/31 The 30th IAU General Assembly @University of Viena, Austria
09/03-09/07 International Workshop "The Wonders of Star Formation" @Edinburgh, Scotland
10/22-10/26 The 8th East Asia Numerical Astrophysics Meeting (EANAM8) @Taiwan
10/31-11/02 Cosmic Dust and Magnetism @KASSI, Daejeon, South Korea
11/05-11/09 International Conference "Interstellar filament paradigm: On their formation, evolution, and role in star formation" @Nagoya University
11/05-11/09 "ALMA Workshop: From Circumplanetary Disks to the Solar System" @WTC Conference Center Tokyo
12/17-12/19 East Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2018 @ I-site Namba
12/19-12/21 Rironkon Symposium @Kyoto University


06/10-06/14 Zooming in on Star Formation @ Nafplio, Greece
10/21-10/24 The 10-th Galactic Center Workshop: "New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond" @ Keio University, Yokohama, Japan
10/28-11/01 Magnetic Fields in the Universe VII: from Laboratory and Stars to the Primordial Structures @ Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA) , Taipei, Taiwan
11/20-11/22 Guest: Min-Kai Lin
11/28-11/30 Guest: Chris Ormel


01/08-01/24 Guest: Jamie Townsend
01/12-02/16 Guest: Yueh-Ning Lee
02/02-02/16 Guest: Mehrnoosh Tahani
02/16-02/22 Magnetic Fields in The Universe 7 @Quy Nhon, Vietnam
03/09-03/13 Modeling High-Mass Stellar Feedback Workshop @Tuebingen, Germany
03/27 Joint Workshop for 2 Shingakujutsu Ryoiki @The University of Tokyo
05/11-05/15 Thinkshop on Protoplanetary Disk Chemodynamics @Potsdam, Germany
06/29-07/03 The Physics of Star Formation: From Stellar Cores to Galactic Scales @Lyon, France
09/14-09/18 The 9th East Asia Numerical Astrophysics Meeting (EANAM9) @Okinawa
09/28-10/02 From Clouds to Planets II: The Astrochemical Link @Berlin, Germany


04/01-04/07 Protostars and Planets VII (PP7) @Kyoto

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