6th Korea-Japan workshop on dark energy at KMI



3 December

chair Shinji Tsujikawa
11:30 N. Sugiyama opening
11:40 T. Tanaka (Key) Testing gravity theory using gravitational waves
12:20 S. Kuroyanagi (inv) Searching for gravitational waves with pulsars
12:50 lunch
chair Jinn-Ouk Gong
14:00 S. Mukohyama (inv) Black holes in scalar-tensor theory
14:30 K. Aoki (inv) Ghostfree quadratic curvature theories with massive spin-2 and spin-0 particles
15:00 A. Iyonaga (oral) Extended Cuscuton as Dark Energy
15:15 coffee
chair Atsushi J. Nishizawa
15:45 H. Miyatake (inv) Weak Lensing Cosmology from Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam First-Year Data
16:15 F. Shi (inv) Cosmology constraint from cross-correlation between DESI galaxies and Tianlai 21cm
16:45 C. Sabiu (inv) Deep Learning the Large Scale Structure
17:00 M. Minoguchi (oral) Dynamical evolution of voids with surrounding gravitational tidal field
17:15 S. Sridhar (oral) Cosmic distance constraints using BAO - From spectroscopic to photometric catalogues
17:30 D. Parkinson (inv) Cosmology with large-area extragalactic radio surveys

4 December

chair Kenji Kadota
9:30 J. Soda (Key) Effective Field Theory of Anisotropic Inflation
10:10 Jinn-Ouk Gong (inv) Quantum aspects of non-linear inflationary tensor perturbations
10:40 Takeshi Kobayashi (oral) Inflaxion Dark Matter
10:55 coffee
chair David Parkinson
11:15 M. J. Jee (Key) TBA
11:55 K. Kadota (inv) the radio telescope probes on the axion-like particles
12:25 Zong-Hong Zhu (inv) Strong lensing of gravitational waves and its application to cosmology
12:55 lunch
chair Shu'ichiro Yokoyama
14:00 T. Chiba (inv) Conformal and Disformal  Invariance of Cosmological Observables
14:30 N. Tanahashi (inv) Invertible transformation in scalar-tensor theories and wave propagation
15:00 A. Naruko (inv) Metric transformation and its applications to cosmology
15:30 J. Misfud (inv) Cosmological tests of the equivalence principle in the dark sector
16:00 coffee
chair Shin'ichi Nojiri
16:20 Tsutomu Kobayashi (inv) Vainshtein mechanism and its breaking in scalar-tensor theories
16:50 R. Kase (inv) Neutron stars in f(R) gravity and scalar-tensor theories
17:20 S. Nakamura (inv) Coupled vector dark energy
17:40 S. Arai (oral) Observational predictions of the viable generalized scalar-tensor theory
17:55 M. Yashiki (oral) Unified Models of Inflation and Dark Energy in f(R) Gravity: constraints from solar system experiments
18:10 S. Tsujikawa (oral) Weak cosmic growth in coupled dark enegy with a Lagrangian formulation
19:00 Banquet

5 December

chair Arman Shafieloo
9:30 L. Amendola (Key) Primordial dark matter halos
10:10 J. Asorey (inv) H1R4: Mock 21cm intensity mapping maps for cross-correlations with optical surveys
10:40 H. Koo (inv) Model-independent constraints on the light curve parameters and reconstructions of the expansion history of the Universe from Type Ia supernovae
11:10 break
chair Hironao Miyatake
11:30 R. Keeley (inv) Transitional Dark Energy ? A solution to the H0 tension
12:00 X. Li (oral) Resolving H0 tension with DE models beyond LCDM model
12:15 K. Ahn (inv) Interpreting EDGES observation with variance in reionization models
12:45 lunch
chair Kyungjin Ahn
14:00 A. Taruya (inv) Large-scale intrinsic alignments of cosmic density and velocity fields as cosmological probe
14:30 B. L'Hulillier (inv) Falsifying the concordance model of cosmology with the large-scale structure
15:00 A. De Felice (inv) The Cosmology of generalized modified gravity models
15:30 S. Hirano (oral) Non-linear corrections of large scale structure in Degenerate Higher-Order Scalar-Tensor theories
15:45 coffee
chair Kiyotomo Ichiki
16:00 R. Saito (inv) Cosmic microwave background anisotropies beyond linear order: curve-of-sight approach
16:30 S. Bag (inv) Studying the morphology of the HI field during reionization using Minkowski functionals, Shapefinders and percolation analysis
17:00 S. Appleby (inv) Cosmological Parameter Estimation from Topological Statistics
17:30 close: A. Shafieloo