6th Korea-Japan workshop on dark energy at KMI



KMI Science Symposia (ES635), Engineering and Science Building, Nagoya University (Higashiyama campus)

Address: Furocho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 464-8602 Japan

access to the KMI can be found here.


Campus Map: http://en.nagoya-u.ac.jp/map/index.html

(Marked as C2④ : Engineering and Science Building)


How to get here

From Nagoya Station

Take the subway Higashiyama line from Nagoya station (H08) to Motoyama station (H16), and then change to the subway Meijo line. After one stop from Motoyama station (M17), get off at Nagoya-Daigaku station (M18). The subway map can be found here . The trip costs 270 yen and takes about 30 mins including the connection.

From Nagoya Station

From Chubu Centrair International Airport (Centrair)

Take the Meitetsu line to Kanayama Station. The train fee is 810 yen, while the Limited Express, called μ-SKY, has only reserved seats and costs extra 360 yen. It takes 25 mins to Kanayama station if you take μ-SKY, and 35-50 mins if you take a rapid or semi-rapid express. Check the time table for the details.

Then take the subway Meijo line from Kanayama station (M01) to Nagoya-Daigaku station (M18). It takes about 20 mins and costs 270 yen.

From Chubu Centrair International Airport (Centrair)

From Nagoya-Daigaku Station to the Engineering and Science Building

Use Exit 2 or 3 at Nagoya-Daigaku Station. Then walk to the north along the big street, and you will soon find the ES building on your right hand side. (You have to cross the street if you get out from Exit 3.) More details can be found here.



We could book rooms in Higashiyama campus for people from abroad, but the number of the rooms is very limited. We would like to ask the participants to book a hotel by themselves. There are not so many hotels near the University, but you can easily access to the University from the city center by subway. Sakae or Kanayama station may be the most convenient as you can come to the University without changing trains using the subway Meijo line. Nagoya and Fushimi stations are also convenient as the subway Higashiyama line is the most frequent.